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Membru Bizoo de 8 ani.
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Carte, DVD Bologan: Winning with the King's Indian Attack

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I have always loved the Kings Indian. My trainers, Ion Solonar and Vyacheslav Chebanenco, taught me to play it with Black, and also showed me how play the Kings Indian set-up with an extra tempo. An important extra tempo: Black plays the Kings Indian Defense, White plays the Kings Indian Attack! This opening was also a favourite of chess legend and 11th World Champion Bobby Fischer who is known for his aggressive play and his wish to win every game. With the Kings Indian Attack he scored 8,5 out of 9, creating a number of fine models games how to attack on the way.

The Kings Indian Attack is mainly reached via the French Defense (1.e4 e6 2.d3) and the Sicilian with 2e6, but it can also arise from the Reti Opening, when Black plays e6 and d5 to reach structures from the Queens Gambit Declined. 30 years ago the Kings Indian Attack was considered as an interesting and original way to avoid theoretical battles. But todays theory sees the Kings Indian Attack in line with the modern approach to postpone the fight for the centre to the middlegame. The Kings Indian Attack is full of positional and tactical ideas and often an unpleasant surprise for the opponent. The opening is easy to prepare but its important to remember that the Kings Indian Attack is more about ideas and plans and less about forced and complicated lines. Since my junior days it has been a reliable weapon and it still serves me well today.

Video running time: 4 h 27 min(English)

With interactive training incuding video feedback

Extra: Database with more than 50 model games

Including CB Reader.
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